FodderPro Feed Systems Financing Program*

We understand that providing livestock with fresh, healthy feed is key to any farm's success. That's why we are offering financing plans through FarmTek on our FodderPro Feed Systems that allow you to get your system up and running before any payment is due, with no interest.

Deferred Payments

If you order a fodder system now, payments will not be due until 2015. Start growing now to improve animal health and encourage faster weight gain. This allows you to increase profits before paying off the system.

Interest Free

By financing through FarmTek, you are able to make payments without any interest. Interest-free financing saves you money without having to pay for the entire system up front. The money saved from interest payments can be used for seed for the system or other equipment for your farm or business.

In-House Plan

Financing fodder systems through FarmTek is done completely in house. This means that you are not only getting a USA-made system with a 20-year warranty on the channels and frame, but that your financing plan will be backed by an American company with over thirty years of experience.

Worry-Free Payments

Our financing plan can be set up to make automatic payments on your credit card. In busy times, having one less payment to worry about can be a great benefit and time saver. Don't worry about making payments one at a time before they are due; that can all be scheduled up front.

At FarmTek, our hope is that our financing plan will allow you to see the results of the FodderPro System before you pay. We want to be sure that you are happy and producing lush, green fodder for your livestock before making a single payment.

Get the system you need now, with the ability to pay later!