Costs & Financing

We've developed a variety of tools and programs to help you understand the cost and potential return on investment that FodderPro Feed Systems will bring to your farm or business. Review this section to learn more about FarmTek and our affiliate companies and how we can help you make any environment suitable for growing fodder. Also in this section, you can find a cost analysis on each of our FodderPro Feed Systems and information about our financing plans and referral program. We are committed to finding a cost solution that will help you get the FodderPro Feed Systems you need now.

Where to Buy

FodderPro Feed Systems are available through FarmTek and our affiliate companies, Growers Supply and TekSupply®. Find out more information about us and our affiliates and the products and services we offer.
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Our customers are our first priority. We want you to be able to get the system you need today, so we've developed a number of easy financing options to help you start growing fodder now.
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Cost Analysis

Purchasing a FodderPro Feed System is a smart investment for the future of your home or business. Take a look at the cost analysis for each of our systems and see how quickly they will pay for themselves.
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Referral Program

Have a Fodder Pro Feed System already? Are all your friends and neighbors interested in it? Use that interest to make money for your farm! Sign up for our referral program today!
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